Welcome to Public Defender Services of Lane County, Inc.

Public Defender Services of Lane County, Inc. (PDSLC) is a non-profit law firm which provides legal representation to clients once they are appointed by the Lane County Circuit Court.

If an attorney from our office has been appointed to your case, please take a moment to read our client information page.

If PDSLC has not been appointed to your case, then we cannot assist you. You should contact the attorney that is representing you or the public defender’s office in the county in which your case is pending.

Established in 1977, PDSLC is a private non-profit organization committed to defending the rights of people who are facing a loss of their personal liberty due to the actions of the State. We represent adults and juveniles charged with everything from trespass to murder. We fight for the rights of people who are accused of violating their probation, and for those who are facing jail because they are behind on their child support payments. We fight for the rights of parents and children when the State becomes involved in termination proceedings, and we fight for the rights of those afflicted with mental illness when the State tries to hold them in the State hospital against their will.

PDSLC Mission Statement: We treat our clients with dignity, empower them to make informed choices and fight to defend their rights.

PDSLC Goals – How We Fulfill Our Mission Statement:

1. We deliver outstanding legal services.

2. We uphold the presumption of innocence without regard to the accusations against our clients.

3. We deal ethically with our clients, witnesses, the courts, and all other representatives of the criminal justice system.

4. We strive to lead by example in the criminal justice community.

5. We provide a supportive environment where employees and clients are treated with respect and dignity, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, economic and cultural background, religion, age or disability.

If you have a case pending in another county please select the county here: 

Not all counties in Oregon have a public defenders office, but instead have a consortium of private attorneys that are appointed by the court to represent individuals. If the county in which your case is pending is not listed, it is because there is no public defender’s office in that county. Please look over the information provided to you at arraignments and contact the attorney assigned to your case. If you are unable to find your attorney’s information, please contact the court in which your case is pending.


The information contained on this site is for informational purposes only. Every case is different and the general information contained herein does not constitute legal advice for your particular case. If you are in need of legal advice you should speak with an attorney directly about your case.

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