Client Information

The attorneys at Public Defender Services of Lane County, Inc. (PDSLC) are dedicated to providing quality legal representation to those that are unable to retain a private attorney. It is a common misconception among clients that PDSLC is a government entity, but, in fact, we are a private non-profit firm that works hard to protect the rights of those that cannot afford a high-priced attorney. If the Lane County Circuit Court has appointed an attorney from PDSLC to represent you, then there are some important things to know.

Your attorney

The attorney you spoke with at arraignments may not be the same attorney that will be representing you. Often times it can take a week or more before the discovery (i.e., police reports, interviews, videos, etc.) for your case is received and processed by our office. Once we have received your discovery, the attorney that will be handling your case will be able to review it and contact you. Being a defendant in a criminal proceeding is a stressful situation and we are here to help you through the entire process. However, it is important to realize that it is not uncommon for it to take a week or two before your attorney contacts you for the first time.

The decision is yours

When you meet with your attorney, they will explain the charges against you, the possible defenses you may have, and any plea agreements that have been offered by the district attorney. The majority of cases that are filed do not end up going to trial. Often times defendants decide to accept a plea agreement because the sentence offered is lower or less severe than what may be expected if found guilty in trial.  While your attorney may suggest what legal path you take, it is important to remember that the decision is yours to make.

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