Veterans Defense – Written Resources and Guides

Veterans Defense Handout (Detailed description on how to litigate and prepare a Veteran defense)

Planning a Veteran Defense – Checklist

Veteran Interview Sheet (Initial interview or intake questionnaire designed specifically for Veterans)

Standard Form 180 (Request form for Military Records, DD 214, and other)

VA Form 10-5345 (Request form for Veterans Affairs Medical Records)

benefits-at-separation-chart (Veterans Affairs benefits at separation determined by characterization of discharge)

ptsd-screening-tool (Tool for screening clients for undiagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

rbi-screening-tool (Tool for screening clients for undiagnosed Traumatic Brain Injury)

brief-carrell-amicus (Amicus brief discussing using training and experience in the military culture and total institution in the development of defense and mitigation strategies)

ti-expert-motion-to-admit (Motion in Limine to Pre-Admit expert in Total Military Institution)

plea-petition-agreement-waiver-veterans-court (Plea Petition to enter Veterans Court)

helmick-article (State v. Robert Helmick, case study using veterans center defense to domestic violence and person crimes)

2012_01_military_service_5h1-11_departures_booker_variances (Federal Sentencing Guidelines Guide for Veterans)

echoes-of-war-part-1 (Explaining combat trauma and client’s criminal behavior)

ehcoes-of-war-part-2 (Explaining legal strategies for defending Veterans)

VA Acronyms for Dummies (Short guide explaining Veterans Affairs Acronyms)

VA Form 21-0788 – Information Regarding Apportionment of Beneficiary’s Award (Apportion all or part of veteran’s disability to spouse or children while sentenced to jail or prison)


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